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These Rights: A Creative Collaboration

Sam Walker is an expert on police accountability, UNO professor emeritus in Criminal Justice, and a civil liberties historian. He is also a huge music fanatic, vinyl collector, and now, a lyricist. Taking inspiration from Woody Guthrie’s famed American classic ‘This Land is Your Land’, Sam has re-written the lyrics, re-styling them into a modern protest anthem entitled, “These Rights are Our Rights”.

These Rights: A Creative Collaboration is a unique, open format for collaboration inviting singers, poets, artists, dancers, and creatives of all stripes to contribute to a video created in celebration of Sam’s lyrics. The video is designed to help spread his message of appreciation of our rights of free speech and non-violent protest. Sam’s greatest wish for his lyrics is that they be taken and used in real life, among those who continue the legacy of American citizen’s standing up to protect our constitutional rights and the rights of all people. The event takes place Saturday February 23rd, on the anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s writing of the original ’This Land is Your Land’ lyrics.

Performers of all experience levels, ages, kinds and credos are invited to join us at Hi-Fi House at 4pm on Saturday the 23rd. Sam will have his lyrics on hand, or, you’re invited to explore them on his website ( and come up with your own verses as well. We will assist performers in expressing their vision of Sam’s anthemic lyrics in whatever performance style you choose. It can be music, singing, poetic recitation, solo performance or small group - what-ever you can dream up! Join us in this one-of-a-kind creative endeavor, and remember - these rights are our rights!

Earlier Event: February 16
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